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KELOWNA : 250.762.2222
WESTSIDE : 250.762.4444
TOLL FREE : 1.800.375.9848

All of our taxis are non-smoking and you will pay the same fare*, no matter the vehicle type or seating capacity.

*Please note that our Shuttle is available at a different rate than our standard taxis.


Kelowna Cabs App

Did you know that Kelowna Cabs a free app that you can download on your iPhone? It’s true!

Whether our dispatch line is experience high call volumes, you want to book a cab in advance, or you simply want the convenience and ease of using your smartphone to book your cab, the new Kelowna Cabs app is designed to help.

Simply click the links below to visit the iTunes store and download the app today.

Kelowna Cabs on iTunes

You can book your cab for immediate service, or book in advance to ensure you have a cab when you need it most. You can even specify a standard cab, wagon, jump start, ski racks, or if you are bringing a pet along. Have some additional information for the driver, like which side of the street to park on, or how many people are going along for the ride? There’s a place for that too.

Not only will the free Kelowna Cabs app allow you to use your phone to book your cab with ease, it will also allow you to track your cab. That means that you will know if your cab is stuck in traffic and when it’s time to meet them outside!

Note: If the app isn't working correctly, try uninstalling and then reinstalling on your phone.


To set up a corporate or personal account, email .


5-3312 Appaloosa Rd
Kelowna, BC
V1V 2W5


KELOWNA : 250.762.2222
WESTSIDE : 250.762.4444
TOLL FREE : 1.800.375.9848


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